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HARDSHIP FUND (the fund)

The Hardship Fund (“the Fund”) has been set up to help alleviate and support both church associates and members of the wider local community who may be experiencing significant financial hardship. The difficult and uncertain economic climate of recent months has resulted in more hardship and need than ever in our communities.

The Fund aims to provide a lending hand wherever hardship arises, whilst being fully cognizant of the fact that its resources are limited and that it would be impossible to meet every need. In the circumstances, it has been decided that the Fund will primarily (but not exclusively) focus on those applicants who are facing an acute short-term financial need.

To that end, Castleton Baptist Church will set aside an annual sum as determined by its Leadership Team subject always to such other demands as may exist on its resources at the time. Members and church associates are encouraged to contribute to the Fund so that a greater number of persons may benefit from its support. The Fund administrators will be responsible for providing a quarterly report to Leadership Team meetings which will set out the number of and total value of gifts made from the Fund. 

If you would like to contribute to the Fund: please contact the Church Treasurer, Nathan Evans  for relevant information on 0781459451 or by email at Your correspondence should please reference ‘Hardship.

If you would like to apply for a gift from the Fund: you will be required to complete and submit a short application form that will be made available on request to Administrators. Please note that the maximum gift in any year (subject always to the discretion of the Fund administrators) will be £300.00.                                           
Please rest assured that the Fund will be administered with the utmost discretion and that any information provided by applicants will be treated with sensitivity and in compliance with the requirements of data protection guidelines.

With prayer and thanks.  Phillip Whitwell


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